Text Message Marketing.


Sending coupons, special deals, current events and other information to your customers automatically through SMS is a convenient way to reach your market and grow your audience. With many text marketing services through SMS, one can send multimedia messages (MMS) or ask questions for a poll or a survey. visit; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Text_Marketing

Marketing through text messages is a great tool for reaching customers instantly, but if done incorrectly, it can send your subscribers straight to the “opt out” button. One of the most important rules of text message marketing is that all businesses must first gain permission from customers to contact them via text. Failing to do so can damage your brand and in some cases, it can lead to the client pressing charges. There is an almost knee-jerk reaction to check a text message right away. In fact, 95% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt, and 98% of text messages in general are read compared to 22% of emails. learn more

Over four billion people have an access to a mobile phone, and not so many people would agree to run errands without it. With nearly everyone owning a smartphone these days, it creates a perfect opportunity for businesses to directly reach their prospect with an incredibly high open rate. However, text message marketing, also known as SMS (short message service) marketing, is a largely untapped area especially for small businesses. Here are some reviews by business experts in regard to SMS marketing strategies; click here!

First, Time messages around your target audience’s schedule. The most important thing is to know when to and when not to text your customers. People always go about their businesses and one people would rather wake up to a text from someone they love, like a friend, rather than a marketing message from a company. For marketing SMS messages to work, one must find the most opportune time to send them like during lunch hours or around 5 p.m. when people are leaving work. Do not be in a rush to text your clients or else you will get them annoyed with others looking for ways to stop the messages. One thing that you should also keep in mind is that, one should send these messages around five minutes before the hour as people may be walking into meetings and such.

Finally, if you’re reaching out to people in a specific area, it is important to use the local area code. Texting using a similar area code as that of the recipient, guarantees that the message will be read and not marked as spam. People are very cautious about the messages they receive and it is for the best that you try to be as friendly/familiar to the recipient as possible. The best way is creating a local google phone number or a short code in order to show validity and the authenticity of the message.


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